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Vitality Drink

30 days monthly dose (30 drinks)
60 days dose (60 drinks))

A mix of fruit and herbal extracts and other natural ingredients are added to the water of Astis. Green apple, beet and elderberry extracts give the immune system a boost with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Besides fruit extracts, the Vitality Shot contains an optimal blend of 13 herbal extracts including sage, nettle and Echinacea. Astis uses only herbal extracts with scientifically proven effects.

How to use

For optimal results the Vitality Drink should be added to your daily supplement routine. Simply drink it or mix to avocado smoothies, green juices, or even water. Keep in a cool and dark place. Dose: 1 drink per day.

Active ingredients

Green apple extract: Boost of vitamins and antioxidants. 
Red beets extract: Daily dose of minerals. 
Elderberry extract: Vitamin A and C. 
Salvia extract: Antioxidants, boost for your liver. 
Echinacea extract: Resistance. 
Urtica extract: Good for hair and nails. 
Calendula extract: Helps recover skin. 
Magnesium: Muscles, nerves and blood vessels. 
Calcium: Muscles and nerves.

Full ingredient list

Aqua, Fruit Extracts, Herbal Extracts, Food Acids (E270, E280, E236).