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Health-Aging Women
Health-Aging WomenHealth-Aging WomenHealth-Aging WomenHealth-Aging Women

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A hormone extract based cream for when your skin and ego need a boost. Women with low progesterone levels can experience headaches or migraines, mood changes, including anxiety or weight gain and depression. This cream is perfect for women who want to prevent or overcome the symptoms of getting older. Gentle and creamy, quenches skin. Our Health Aging skincare products are purely natural and don't actually contain any hormones. We use extracts that are optimized for men and women to obtain satisfied skin and youth.

The ingredients are selected from high quality suppliers all over the world. Our chemical engineers research and test the ingredients, and afterwards the product passes our ISO certified quality control. Papaya oil also known as paw paw seed oil, Calendula, Urtica and Hypericum stimulate your inner youth. As wel as the hormonal extract of Progesterone that we blended in this cream. This is why this cream works mainly from the inside out. St. John's wort or Hypericum is a commonly used herb to treat mild depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Native to Europe, St. John's wort is found throughout the world. This herb has been known for its medicinal properties as far back as Roman times.

This product is: Paraben free, sulfate free, not tested on animals and hypoallergenic. 50 ml.

Instruction: Apply a thin and even layer to a cleansed skin. The cream can or be applied to the belly or to the shoulders. Repeat this treatment daily, it is important to regularly use this product for optimal results.


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Our skincare products are based on
natural herbal- and fruit extracts and oils.
Experience deeply hydrated and moisturized skin,

even for the thirstiest of skins.  
We choose our ingredients with care and make sure
your skin will love them!


Lights out! Whether you're just
stressed out or would like to sleep better,
add our natural sleepcare products to your daily
routine. Less stress and chill out!


Mirror mirror on the wall
who's the youngest of them all?
No more needles, use our agecare that works
from within. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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