The Pro’s Guide to Applying Your Face Creams And Serums

The Pro’s Guide to Applying Your Face Creams And Serums

Beauty products are a hot topic. However it can be tricky to find out what works for your particular skin or how to introduce certain products into your routine. When to apply a serum? What skincare product to apply before using makeup? People often apply to many products and too many formulas which cause irritation, congested pores, lackluster results and damage of the skin. Which is not exactly what you hope for. The skin is sensitive and asks for gentle treatments, yes but how? To rule out the negative influences on your skin, we've done our research and implemented pro's looks on skincare routines. 

How many formulas at once? Applying to many formulas at once may result in a cocktail that works against you. Minimalism is key. Rather than mixing formulas, use the minimum of formulas and use products that have multitasking properties. Using so many products is that there’s a dilution factor, and possible conflicts with the active ingredients. Slathering several hydrating formulas onto your face could cause them to simply pile up, rather than penetrate, while cocktailing too many potent salicylic acid serums and retinol creams could leave your skin inflamed.

Layers. There's a general rule for layering skincare products. After cleaning your face, keep in mind that you would want to apply a layer based on weight or viscosity of products. The thinnest should go first. Also, use products that are highly concentrated first, for example, when using an acne treatment with 2 percent dioic acid, apply something milder afterwords, like a vitamin d - infused serum.

At night. At night it is time to recover your skin. The products to apply here are re-texturizing products that exfoliate the complexion such as glycolic acid or retinol. Top this with a hydrating facial oil or emulsion to soften your skin. Retin-A is popular amongst many people, after using Retin-A it is suggested a moisturizer is used. However use a balm or thicker moisturizer rather than a viscous lotion. 

Sun. The sun is one of the most underestimated damage sources for your skin. We get it, it's hard to apply sunscreen all the time. However there are options to apply moisturizers that have a protective factor in it and antioxidants to fend off UV-damage, which are paramount to skin renewal. A complete win win are the BB and CC tinted creams. 

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