What is slugging

Discover Slugging: The New Skincare Trend

Transferring to new skincare products can be pricey and risky. So when a new trend comes along that doesn't require changing your favorite skincare routines to new ones, we're all in!

What is slugging?

You may have heard of the skincare trend already, it has nothing to do with actual slugs. It's all about applying products that give your skin a slug-like appearance. It isn't for everyone though, finding the right product for your skin is key. Slugging means applying skincare products that act like an occlusive and a skin protectant, helping prevent transepidermal water loss. Petroleum jelly is a product that is used for this, however it's not for everyone and certainly not for everyday. As you may have guessed, your pores could be clogged and it's certainly not recommended for people with acne-prone skin.

We can all admit that we're into this new TikTok beauty hack. Everyone is after a silky smooth skin. The main goal is to obtain young bouncy skin that locks in hydration for the perfect glowing skin when you wake up. 

How often should you do slugging?

It's always best to listen to your skin. Which applies for any skincare routine. Only if you're skin tends to be very dry, slugging could be done daily. Those with oily skin, should do is less often, or even avoid doing it at all. 

Slugging itself isn't hydrating, it just keeps the moisturizing products you’ve used from seeping out. Ingredients to look for when slugging are alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), or retinoids. 

Pros and cons of slugging

pros and cons of slugging

Benefits of slugging

Slugging is popular because it makes your skin look better overnight. The main benefit is preventing water loss of the skin and improve the functioning of the skin barrier. Locking in moisture is what makes your skin look hydrated and glowing. Slugging can improve the functioning of other products as well. This technique is best for skin type: dry skin. People with oily skin or struggling with blackheads, milia or blemishes should avoid slugging.

Slugging without the negatives

Astis Vitality will be introducing new ways of slugging, suitable for everyone. If you're interested in slugging but would rather choose for the clean beauty method, you better opt for an all-natural alternative.

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