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laboratory astis vitality

Our story starts in our lab where we create our natural premium skincare products. Our brand was build using only premium herbal- and fruit extracts. For years we've been perfecting our formulas using our expertise in the areas of water treatment, acid therapy, phytotherapy and energetics. We are all for natural minerals, herbs and other goodness for your skin.

Our ISO certified laboratory has done over 40 years of research and testing. Astis Vitality is determined to only use high quality ingredients that are scientifically proven to actually work for your skin. Our favorites are hyaluronic acid, collagen and essential oils. We see that there are many companies on the market that offer products that are or very expensive which include premium. Our products that are very cheap and don't use beneficial ingredients for your skin at all. This is where we want to make a difference.

We develop high quality products for affordable prices. We like to get real about our products. We're very passionate about skincare. We believe that since you're wearing your skin everyday, it must glow and should be healthy in every way. All of our products are created and produced in our lab after research and testing by our professionals. We love animals, we will never test on them. We've sourced only the best ingredients to make our products to get results. Our offices are located in a small town in The Netherlands, but we ship all around the world.