about astis vitality

Our story starts in our laboratories where we create our natural skincare products. Our brand was build using only premium herbal- and fruit extracts in combination with scientifically proven ingredients. For years we've been perfecting our formulas using our expertise in the areas of water treatment, acid therapy, phytotherapy and energetics. We only focus on the latest cutting edge technologies and ingredients for our skincare.

our brand

These trending ingredients include certified essential oils, fruit and herbal extracts from plants that are sourced to efficiently and easily infuse the skin with moisture, hydration, illumination and alleviation. These components are combined into products produced responsibly in The Netherlands, where we have our own laboratories, research development and production facilities. Our team of engineers control every part of the process to ensure the highest quality.

We are known for our work with energetics and phytotherapy. A lot of herbal extracts are known for their beneficial effects and we apply this to our product lines.

nature and science

We are merging the best sourced ingredients with the latest knowledge in skincare science; products, that are efficient, easy to use and suitable for all types of skin and genders. We believe that being different is better and we are dedicated to provide products that embrace you.