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Losing weight naturally

Losing weight naturally

Losing weight naturally is a process where you have to be very patient for and need lots of discipline. As you probably already know it is mainly about changing your lifestyle. Taking things from yourself won’t help because you won’t be able to stick with it.

If you decide that you want to lose weight it is important that you don’t have an end date. This way it would feel like a deadline, that you probably won’t reach in a healthy way. Deadlines will give unnecessary pressure, whereby it is easy to first think ‘just one snack because the deadline is still so far away’. And afterwards starting a crash diet the last week. It is more important to see it as an obligation, just like work or shopping. Make sure you’re living healthy 2/3 of the day: sporting, enough sleep and healthy food. Then you create the needed other obligations and relaxation around that.

Do you find it hard to keep up with time? Try maintaining a health diary. Write exactly what you eat, how much you exercise and sleep. Look well at it if your goals are disappointing you after a few weeks and be honest. Are you really trying or did you secretly have many cheat days? Don’t make it too difficult for yourself than it already is; walk away from crisps and salty snacks in the supermarket. And don’t purchase products with sugar.

How to eat smaller portions?

Make sure there are small changes: a smaller plate, daily ASTIS, more vegetables and less soft drinks. Don’t eat too fast and don’t make too big of a changes, because you probably won’t be successful maintaining them. Make sure you enjoy sharing your meal with friends and family so organise pleasant dinners where you will be more talking than eating and of course where there’s served a healthy meal. If you go to a restaurant, share a dessert: you will have the taste anyways and half the calories! Let the people around you also know that you are busy having a healthier lifestyle and you want to lose weight, this way they can motivate you on moments that you need help and this way it will feel less like an obligation: not only to yourself but also to people that know.

Normally you will see changes in a few weeks and losing weight naturally starts to become enjoyable. When you are tempted to stop… Keep on going! When you finally achieved this point it starts to look like something: your body is adapting, you feel more active and probably happier. Hopefully you start to enjoy it and you will see it more as a lifestyle.

Finally you have to remember that it is not terrible if you fail, this even is a little part of the process: failure doesn’t mean that it won’t work on another moment, it does mean that if you succeed you can be extra proud!

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