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Herbs for a better resistance and condition

Herbs for the resistance can provide a solution for a healthier life and body. In addition to vitamin supplements for a better resistance, there are also numerous herbs that can increase the resistance remarkably, in a natural way. Sometimes you feel lifeless or you are willing to improve your lifestyle, so that you feel more comfortable in your skin. Herbs can have a very positive effect on the body, but it must be taken consistently. There are many different types of herbs, each with its own effect on the body. Many herbs will absorb vitamins or give more energy. The herbs are easy to use by eating or drinking.

Below are herbs for the resistance that comes with most people in the kitchen cupboard.

  • Anise, is good for the stomach and intestines. It gives a soothing feeling. At their best in a cup of hot milk.
  • Basil, works well against a bloated feeling. Drink a cup of Basil tea two or three times a day to good effect. Basil contains antioxidants which support the body. In addition, Basil is delicious in Italian dishes like pasta.
  • Lemon, purifies the blood and removes toxins when used regularly. In addition, lemons are full of vitamin c that help prevent fevers, colds, and inflammation. Vitamin c also has a beneficial effect on the functioning of glands.
  • Dill, has a calming effect on the muscles.
  • Chamomile, cleansing and calming. Tea helps for digestive complaints. A steam bath with chamomile works both for a nose and forehead cavity inflammation as an unclean skin. Another application possibility is flush with chamomile tea for throat and toothache. And shampoo with chamomile makes blonde hair even more beautiful.
  • Mint, calming and works well for tension headaches. You can also make delicious mint tea from this herb. Mint tea helps in slimming the shivery feeling.
  • Parsley, a common herb in cooking. It is not only delicious, but it’s also healing.
  • Sage, has the name conveniently to help with respiratory infections. In addition you can apply the herb as reinforcement for the liver, kidneys, lungs and intestines.
  • Celery, is a good tool to lose weight because of the moisture extruding effect. You can also treat kidney stones and rheumatism with celery.
  • Thyme, is not only delicious, but it also has several effects on the body. It is expectorant, thereby will it help when coughing, and it is also antispasmodic. It helps against flatulence. Thyme is present in many different cough syrups or candies because of the powerful healing capability.

ASTIS The Vitality Drink contains the following herbs with their own special effects. Try it yourself!

  • Red beets: greater stamina and minerals
  • Green apple: antioxidants and vitamins
  • Echinacea: stimulation of the immune system
  • Calendula: recovers the skin
  • Urtica: detox

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