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Rejuvenating Collagen Drink

1 shot
30 days monthly dose (23+1 free shot)
60 days dose (45+3 free shots)

Anti-aging ingredient collagen promotes skin youth. This collagen supplement protects your skin from ageing and helps stimulate the production of collagen. The Rejuvenating Collagen Drink contains herbal and fruit extracts to combat general inflammatory issues and helps build better resistance.

The fruity drink contains collagen, this essential protein provides elasticity to the skin, helping it to appear more youthful and healthy. Supplementation of our specific collagen peptides that are not broken down by your stomach, have scientifically proven to increase skin elasticity, skin moisture and skin evaporation.

How to use

For optimal results the Rejuventating Collagen Drink should be added to your daily supplement routine. Simply drink it or mix it to avocado smoothies, green juices, or even water. Keep in cool and dry place. Dose: 1 drink per day.


Water, Fruit Extracts, Collagen (1%), Herbal Extracts; Food Acids: Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Propionic Acid, Formic Acid; Aroma: Natural Aroma; Preservative: Potassium Sorbate; Sweetener: Stevioglycosid; Color: Pink Anthocyanin.

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