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Vitality Drink Still

Vitality Drink Still

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A mix of fruit and herbal extracts and other natural ingredients are added to the extra purified spring water from Astis. Extracts of fermented apples, beets and elderberries provide support to the stomach and kidney function. Finally, it contains a mix of 13 herbal extracts, including Sage, Nettle and Echinacea. Herbs that are known to have a positive influence on for example the digestive system, blood purification and resistance.

The ingredients are selected from high quality suppliers all over the world. Our chemical engineers research and test the ingredients, and afterwards the product passes our ISO certified quality control.

Active ingredients: Mixture of high grade herbal and fruit extracts, magnesium en calcium.

Benefits: No sugars, no sweeteners, no artificial colors, no calories. 330 ml.

How to use: Drink 1 can a day.