Review by @glowwiththequeen

I don't believe that a beautiful face comes with a perfect jawline, beautiful features, porcelain complexion or flawless skin. Non of us is perfect and every women out there is beautiful♥️

@astisvitality Started a great campaign #beautyrealness , this campaign is all about the beauty of diversity and the brand ASTIS; The Vitality Company being here for everyone! That being said, they strongly believe everyone is beautiful, no matter what they feel, believe in, preferences, ethnicity or any preconceived opinions people may have! Beauty is all within people.
Beauty is all within you♥️
Which is a power pack of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and my favourite Macadama Oil♥️

I'm truly obsessed with it's fragrance, the luxurious glass bottle packaging and the eye catching color!♥️
I've been using this for quite long and I honestly love this serum♥️
The fragrance makes me crazy and the texture absorbs effortlessly into the skin. Making it soft smooth even and firm.It has become my favourite from now and I apply this every night before going to bed for plumped even toned smooth and firmed skin.
It has collagen so it has amazing long-term effects that I will discuss in future posts.

Love astivitality♡