Our Philosophy

ASTIS supports consumers in taking responsibility for their own well-being and vitality. ASTIS believes that – in an ever busier and more demanding society – more and more consumers want to actively work on their health and vitality. This growing group of ‘conscious’ consumers need daily products that will improve their fitness and vitality in the long term: self-generated vitality.

To this end, ASTIS offers products that support the long-term vitality and skin health of consumers, based on natural ingredients and modern technology. In this way, ASTIS aims to make a valuable contribution to a satisfying and pleasant life.

Using the existing expertise in the areas of water treatment, acid therapy, phytotherapy and energetics, ASTIS; The Vitality Company was able to create a unique vitality line that works from the inside out.

Using ASTIS products is a lifestyle, that starts with respect for people and the planet. The ASTIS lifestyle is purifying, detoxifying and a long-term commitment.

Astis vitality